What is Airrosti?

Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery Of Soft Tissue Injuries. AIRROSTI for short is the standard in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries that promotes rapid recovery and helps individuals, athletes, teams, and corporations gain a competitive advantage and enhance overall performance.

Airrosti providers regularly treat nationally recognized professional athletes and have direct reimbursement relationships with professional teams, NCAA Division I Universities, and large corporations. Additionally, providers are often called after business hours for emergency treatment on athletes who are motivated by the appeal of not missing any game time. This treatment is not limited to elite athletes as more than half of our patients come from local high schools, club sports organizations, patient family members and friends.

Airrosti Services

Outcome Based Treatment Model

This Integrated Rapid Recovery approach is a highly specific hands-on diagnosis and treatment model that is without exception the best in the world. Airrosti consistently produces extraordinary results that continue to amaze the medical and sports community. The Airrosti Model extends well beyond any existing treatment or therapy and both improves athletic performance and corrects a wide variety of injuries such as: sprained ankles, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and wrist injuries, as well as pulled muscles, minor tears in tendons, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, etc. In fact, the number of different types of injuries that can be corrected using this model is extensive.

A brief explanation of how it works lies in the body’s connective tissue called fascia which includes ligaments, tendons, and the lining in and around the muscles. This fascia has a natural pattern that becomes distorted when injured. Advanced palpation techniques, extensive biomechanical knowledge, and the mechanics of the injury allow Airrosti trained providers to detect the specific type of distortions. Furthermore, understanding the anatomical relationship specific to a patient’s injury helps our providers categorize the nature of the injury, administer proper treatment, and manually correct the problem quickly.

This advanced approach allows patients to begin active rehab in most cases immediately and prevents the most damaging aspect of traditional therapies, disuse atrophy.